Secured Credit Cards: Secured Cards Rebuild Bad Credit Scores

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These are the best credit cards in America to rebuild bad credit

What is a Credit report debt to credit ratio? What is a good balance to limit ratio on credit cards? 30% or 30 percent or thirty percent. No more than 79%. If your balance to limit ratio is higher than 79% your score will drop.

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Secured Credit Cards: Secured Cards Improve Increase Rebuild Bad Credit Scores

Get all 3 free credit scores and all 3 credit reports here
I can't find all 3 scores and reports for free anywhere but here. I would not offer this if I hadn't used it myself and believed in the offer. 1 merged score is not what banks see. Potential creditors get all 3 scores and all 3 reports. We should too.


You must have 3 - 6 lines of good credit to improve bad credit. Paying off collections, rent, cell phones and medical bills do not build a good credit report or score.

Get good credit:
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