It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

Tops'l 510 Beach Manor
Tops’l 510 Beach Manor

didn’t get to 510 beach manor tops’l. it’s been a few years now even. One day it will be ok and will take another body surf wave for a spin, eat at the red bar and fish off big fishing boats. Will go crabbing at the warf, dig a hole to japan, ride the big kahuna and golf the goofy putt course at night. Might even take the san-destin boat ferry to the fun island of song, shops and food one night.

did ride my bike

Bobo & Bike
Bobo & Bike

Didn’t get to a concert

Did listen to chance, idol, cash and the isley brothers  and ARS    

Didn’t see many friends this summer. Saw my mother, my dad, marvin, chip, tim, melissa, thomas, frank, caleb, the red-tailed hawk.

Frog, as in a long-legged grasshopper frog, with slick, wartless skin, in the skimmer. Just sitting there non challant proud as a scared to death caught, todd the adolescent long legged froggy..

boy It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

Marvin’s been praying for rain a lot. Marvin you can stop praying for rain. Marvin: No he’d just keep on praying for rain. Dadgum it rained a lot this summer. August never disappoints with her 31 days

Saw and hugged Grace for the first time in way too long. RNBSN attending nurse anesthetics school MTSU.

Bought Himalayan salt rock with a bulb on shortcut to the outdoors. 18 dollars and change that turned into exactly 20 out the door.

2017 summer is kinduv over

I didn’t do a gainer off the three meter this year

but   I cooduv         one meter too



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