It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

Tops'l 510 Beach Manor
Tops’l 510 Beach Manor

didn’t get to 510 beach manor tops’l. it’s been a few years now even. One day it will be ok and i’ll take another body surf wave for a spin, eat at the red bar and fish off big fishing boats. I’ll go crabbing at the warf, dig a hole to japan, ride the big kahuna and golf the goofy putt course at night. Might even take the san-destin boat ferry to the fun island of song, shops and food one night.

but i did ride my bike

Bobo & Bike
Bobo & Bike

Didn’t get to a concert

but i did listen to chance, idol, cash and the isley brothers

didn’t see many friends this summer. i saw my mother, my dad, marvin, chip, tim, melissa, thomas, frank, caleb, the red-tailed hawk and it’s child the grey fox, the low flight at night flight owl and todd the frog. Frog, as in a long-legged grasshopper frog, with slick, wartless skin, in the skimmer. Just sitting there non challant proud as a scared to death caught, todd the adolescent long legged froggy.

there was a baby toddpool. woodvalley ga

momansaid bo. todd skimmer. 40×2/ planks woodvallwy


boy It’s been a good summer thank you lord 2017

marvin’s been praying for rain a lot. marvin you can stop praying for rain. marvin said no he’d just keep on praying for rain. dadgum it rained a lot this summer. August never disappoints with her 31 days of summer month.

I got to see my daughter Grace for the first time in way too long. She’s so pretty. She’s in nurse anesthetist school right now. I can’t even spell that word so i let wordpress do it for me.

bought a himilayan salt rock with a bulb. i just walked in walmart and saw it on my shortcut to the outdoors section. It was 18 dollars and change that turned into exactly 20 out the door when I checked out.

2017 summer is kinduv over

I didn’t do a gainer off the three meter this year

but                                                                                                                                                                        I coulduv



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