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first name _____________________ middle I___ last name _____________________
street address______________________________________________________ No Po Box’s
city__________________________ state_______ zip ________
own_______ rent______
home phone # ___________________ social security # _______________________
date of birth ___/___/______
drivers license number and state of issue____________________________________
do you have a checking account circle YES NO savings? YES NO

e-mail address (optional) _________________________________________
Mothers maiden name or security password_________________________

Financial Information

current employer (if self employed, DBA/company name)___________________________
street ____________________ city______ zip _________
gross annual income ____________________
for how long________________


I am trying to rebuild or establish credit and would like to buy a home. I know my credit is either not good or I have none.
Enclosed is a money order for ______________ I would ask you to please open an account in my name so I can build a positive credit relationship with your company.
I promise to pay on time and to pay more than I charge for at least one year to increase my high credit limit with your company.

Signed________________________________________ date________














Use this letter to help build good credit.
Use addresses below to get started now. If you have been turned down send in $300.00 with a note of your intent to get good credit.

Here is a Regal Movie Company car that give great rewards. Picked it up 7-11-2007 at the movies

Bankcard Processing Center
PO BOX 15201
Wilmington DE, 19885-5201

or go to and sign up online if you have good credit already.

Here are some great gas companies addresses.

Citicorp Processing Center
PO BOX 9401
Hagerstown, MD   21749-9401

Exxon Mobile
Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia
PO Box 9795
Macon, GA 31294-9544

Charge your gas each month and pay more than you charge each month. When 12 months elapse ask them to remove past bad credit with their company if you had any, and ask for a credit limit increase.
Open new good credit form letter. 


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