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Victim of credit fraud alert form letter. Credit fraud alert lost or stolen identity.
I am a victim of lost or stolen credit. Print and mail this page 

First name _____________________ Middle I ___ Last name ___________________
Street address _______________________________________ Include Apartment #
City__________________________ state_______ zip ________
Own_______ rent______
Social security # _______________________
Date of birth ___/___/______
Drivers license number and state of issue____________________________________
Mothers maiden name or security password_________________________

If you have not lived at your current address for more than 2 years 
Please enter your previous TWO addresses

Street _______________________________________________  Include Apartment #
City _________________ State _________ Zip __________

Street _______________________________________________  Include Apartment #
City _________________ State _________ Zip __________

Financial Information

Current employer (if self employed, DBA/company name)_________________________
Street ____________________ city______ zip _________

I have had my credit stolen or lost and I would like a credit alert placed on my report. 
Please do not extend or open new credit without contacting me first. Someone may be
using my credit to fraudulently obtain goods and services without my consent.
Here are all my phone numbers and email addresses
Home _______________
Cell    _______________
Work  _______________
Email  _______________

I realize that if I have credit and debit cards that I am responsible for any charges incurred 
on already open credit accounts. I must call and freeze or alert these companies on my
own in a timely manner.

Signed ________________________________________ date ________












Include a copy of your drivers license and 2 other forms of identification. Phone bill. 
Credit card bill. Or the like. Send letters NEXT DAY AIR, RECEIPT CONFIRMATION, 
to all the above addresses.

4. Stolen identity , stolen credit cards, Lost credit cards...What do I do?

Mail form letter above to each of the 3 bureaus.

Trans Union
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

P.O. Box 2104
Allen, TX 75013-2104

If you feel this has happened to you do 2 things. Send in a letter like this one and buy buy credit monitoring so you will be double protected from the scammers of the world. The letter will be placed on your report and the monitoring will double cover you and give you quicker notice about changes in your report. It will certainly save you more than it cost in money and worry.

My 90 year old grandfather was in the hospital this weekend and lost his billfold which had everything in it. I need to report his Driver License # and his Social Security # so no one will be applying for credit cards etc. Who do I contact regarding this. I have called Experian, Transunion, and Equifax and no one can seem to help me....

Do this first. I know you will have to do something about the Drivers License stuff. Get some utilities bills, marriage license, social security check or go right now to the drivers license testing center and get anew id to use. But HURRY. Mail this stuff next day air with confirmation receipt 
Go to the local police department and file a report. Say it was stolen. which it probably was since you don't have it. While he was sleeping or it was left somewhere and when he came back it was gone. No one helped and lost and found does not have any records. Use your copy to send along with this form.

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Credit Fraud Alert | Stolen Lost Identity Fraud Letter Legal