Bought a 1999 5 Speed Saturn SC1 3 Door From Buy Right Auto Sales Ringgold GA

Bought a 1999 5 Speed Saturn SC1 3 Door Buy Right Auto Sales Ringgold GA

Turns out Buy Right Auto Sales are followers. I kinda like that.

Sentenced to 4 years of riding a bicycle the result of 2 dui’s in less than four months has reached a tipping point.

Boy howdy roughly 4000 or more miles pumping peddles at the tender age of 55 on industrial Dalton GA roads changed me. The first day I rode the 5 1/2 miles from Stay Lodge to Highlands Rivers on the side of a busy morning by-pass, conjured the old You Can Do It but Damn This Sucks walk on football player in me. A few people honked and waved but mostly I was a large pest on a much too small set of Wal-Mart bicycle tires. Big wide trucks belched gravels, wind and loud all over my sad presence. I try to stay off those big roads now. Years that I miss now.

Years later? Where did she go? The perfect one. Day Year Life Girl

Walmart Bicycle
Walmart Bicycle

When I sold cars for Russell Barnett Automotive Family in Tullahoma TN, I bought a 1996 Saturn Sl2 4 door automatic. I was struck by the gas mileage, polymer plastic dent resistant exterior panels and soundness of the vehicle. Shopping for cars less than 1500 on Craigslist showed quite a few sad and old-looking cars. The Saturn still looks modern and I knew the 4cy 16 1.9 litre valve engines were bullet proof. I also knew a 5 speed transmission would lessen the chance of a future major maintenance expenditure. They were asking 1350 for the car and I had 1000 cash saved. After the test drive Bo said I could have it for 999. Wow!

The paint is battered and the tires are showing steel belts. The headliner is a wreck. The sunroof doesn’t work but doesn’t leak for sure. We just had tropical storm Cindy drop pools of rain and the interior was wick dry. The ac freon needs a shot but clearly works. The engine compartment looks clean with a new battery Cruise control works, All the lights work. The aftermarket Sony stereo rocks and has bluetooth. Power windows are working. Power locks and remote not so much. A test drive proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the motor and transmission are road race ready to my happy thoughts from the past.

Saturn ….A Well Made Car

Oh and the sweet gas sipping, 1999, 2 door, 5 speed, Saturn SL2 had a 3/4 tank of gas. I’m guessing about 250 to 300 miles worth.

Next up:
Get GA Interlock device installed
Get driving permit from DDS
Have Emissions tested
Progressive Insurance
Get license tag

Bought a 1999 2 Door 5 Speed Saturn SL2 From Buy Right Auto Sales Ringgold GA