How much does it cost and how long does it take to dispute bad credit reports TransUnion Equifax or the Experian credit bureau

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 The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Free Credit Report
Disputing process

Dispute with the bureaus by mail. You need writing for security and possible future legal uses.

  1. The Credit Bureaus TransUnion Equifax Experian contact the creditors about my dispute

  2. Creditors receive dispute and respond to back the bureaus within the 30 day time frame man dated by federal law.

  3. The bureaus Trans Union Equifax Experian respond back to me in writing about the findings from creditors.

Several Things can happen with the findings

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  • Get no response. Dispute again if 30 days pass.
  • Get a letter asking for more information. Do what they say.
  • Rejection based on the timing of the dispute. Usually because you disputed the same item to quickly. Wait 90 days the next time.
  • Rejection because dispute is frivolous or irrelevant. Write another dispute letter and be more assistant of your position.
  • Rejection on ground you are manipulating the system. Write another letter to bureaus insisting them to complete their legal obligation by law.
  • Confirmation the dispute process has begun. Sometimes a bureau will use this to allow more time for the process. Which is not fair and maybe illegal.
  • New credit report showing the results of the investigation. TAA DAA! 
  • Confirmation the account is accurate according to the creditors records. Wait 90 days and do it again or call the creditor and try again to negotiate.

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 I am currently wanting to dispute a collection that I just found on my credit report. So my questions are:

Do I need to send each credit bureau 'their' copy of their credit report? 
Or can it be another type of copy?
I will be mailing in my dispute through the old school mail (snail mail) and do I need to send it certified mail so I can have a record of them receiving it? My concern is that I will not have any proof that they received my dispute information.
Only the ones affected or you might get something stirred up.
so you should have each report and know which ones to send them to.
Each bureau is separate
Send copies delivery confirmation
Free Universal Dispute form

Questions #2
I love this website, this is the best one I ever seen. So I mail my
letter along with a copy of my credit report or use the dispute form on
your website and add the information from my credit report to the
dispute form.

Yes do that

Sir, when I dispute an item on my credit report, can I print the
selected portion (meaning highlight the creditor info. And print that on
1 page and dispute or do I have to send the entire credit report along
with dispute letter

Sure can do it just like that

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How much does it cost and how long does it take to dispute bad credit reports online or by mail with TransUnion Equifax or the Experian credit bureau?